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Download the most recent Release version of NeuroGlyphics....(Oct 1, 2018)

  • This release fixes bugs in compatibility and inplements some extra Macro features (see Documentation for this release to be release later today)

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 works with this version of Neuroglyphics provided the Microsoft Wintab.dll for nTrig surfaces is properly installed. 

  • This version expires in September of 2020.

  • Before you upgrade...!  STOP 

    • 1.  To retain the prior installation parameters, save the file: C\Users\"username"\Documents\NeuroGlyphics\Configuration\NeuroglyphConfig.xml in a safe place outside of this path as it will be overwritten.

    • 2. Uninstall the older version of NG using the operating system facilities 

      • In Windows7, by going to task bar and uninstalling NG from installed programs

      • In Windows10, by going to Settings, Apps and Features and Uninstalling NG

    • 3. Unzip the installer and run the NeuroGlyph.msi installer accepting the terms and following the installation dialogs

    • 4. Once the upgrade has completed, you can bring your old configuration file (NeuroglyphConfig.xml) back to the original location noted in #1 (C\Users\"username"\Documents\NeuroGlyphics\Configuration\)

  • Please note that not all fields in the configuration file are operational yet. 

  • I realize it is a "pain" to get the warning regarding the need to update but this is my very crude mechanism of keeping people working with the newest version as bugs are and new features are added.  I will compile a list of user who want to be alerted of updates/upgrades,  Please tell me via e-mail in the "About menu item" from the application's main window.   I'm working on a new version that should provide functionality to import datasets, generate reports, run analysis on multiple files via a Macros language (rather than analysis on a per-trace basis), use a database backend for data management and add other cool features.  Keep in mind this is mostly an effort to keep this project alive and independent/unrelated of my current occupation

  • There is no need to have an attached tablet or have a tablet enabled TabletPC to see some of NeuroGlyphics functionality.  Sample data is included with the routine installation.  After installation, navigate to Start> Start Menu> Programs> NeuroGlyphics> NG_Samples.  A user manual (under development) is also included (this seems to only work on Win7, working on a Win10 solution....)